Building upon the essence of silk culture, CATHAYA continuously embraces advanced technological and cultural innovations.Through the application of digital manufacturing and intelligent design technologies, we continuously enhance the level of intelligent automation in silk textile production.
Cultural Continuity

As the birthplace of silk, China is renowned for its tradition of "raising silkworms, reeling silk, and weaving brocade." CATHAYA Group, as a leading enterprise in the silk industry, holds firmly to the principle of "heritage." We deeply cultivate China's traditional culture and actively collaborate with numerous cultural and artistic centers. With meticulous craftsmanship and a unique artistic perspective, we design and manufacture silk cultural products of noble quality and elegant taste, spreading the beauty of silk culture to every corner of the world.

Intelligence in Technological Innovation

Facing the intricate production process of traditional silk craftsmanship, we constantly push the boundaries of innovation. We flexibly employ advanced technologies in printing, dyeing, and weaving, integrating digital technology into production and applying scientific advancements. We continuously blend industrial and technical design, innovatively enhancing the traditional silk industry and elevating the quality of silk products. By empowering silk with technology, we not only increase the practicality of our products but also enhance the comfort experienced by consumers. We merge tradition and technology on the path of evolution and innovation, continuously igniting new creativity.