"Harmony Culture"
Leader in the silk industry, creator of quality living

Mission Values Spirit
To drive the development of the silk industry
To innovate the essence of quality living
Integrity, Compassion, Pragmatism, Enterprising Respect, Responsibility, Cooperation
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Group Business

Sericulture and Silk Production
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Building a high-quality cocoon silk research and innovation experimental base, becoming a benchmark for the sustainable development of traditional silk-producing regions.

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Honors and Qualifications

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Sustainable Development
Over 70 years of development.

Expanding the area of mulberry tree cultivation can effectively sequester carbon emissions and mitigate greenhouse gases. Silkworms only feed on mulberry leaves, spin silk and form cocoons in a relatively clean environment.

CATHAYA Group adheres to the principles of technological innovation, green environmental protection, and sustainable development. It plans and constructs complete industry chains for silk textile and mulberry biotechnology. On one hand, CATHAYA leverages the efficient and poverty-alleviating characteristics of the sericulture ecological construction. It has planned and operated over 30 thousand hectares of sericulture bases in Zhejiang, Yunnan, Myanmar, and other areas, adopting an agricultural industrialization model of "company + cooperative + base + farmers." This model has effectively driven regional poverty reduction and promoted green and circular development. On the other hand, CATHAYA actively explores the comprehensive utilization of silkworm cocoons with a focus on biotechnology. It researches and produces fibroin, sericin, mulberry protein, and regenerated mulberry fiber, aiming to further enhance the added value of industrial applications and achieve new glory in the sericulture industry in emerging fields.

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