Corporate culture has consistently propelled CATHAYA's development. In 2017, the Group unveiled a new strategy, positioning itself at a new starting point towards a promising future. Harnessing internal energy, merging multidimensional domains, and with the spirit of "Gathering Silk into Thread," we aim to construct an interdependent "Togetherness" relationship. The core of CATHAYA's culture is "Togetherness", and its new culture is known as the "Togetherness Culture".

Core Values of the Company

Integrity, Compassion, Pragmatism, and Enterprising

Integrity is the foundation of our business. When dealing with colleagues, clients, partners, shareholders, and society, we genuinely and openly interact with them.

Compassion is the way we treat others. We adopt a "compassionate" attitude and philosophy to harmonize various relationships, aiming to achieve a state of "harmony".

Pragmatism is our work echos. We emphasize a practical and grounded approach in implementing CATHAYA's strategic vision and cultivating core competitiveness.

Enterprising is the driving force for our development. We strive for active progress, employing innovative thinking to overcome challenges, driving change with a proactive mindset, and continuously exploring new models and management practices conductive to CATHAYA's development.

"Togetherness" Culture

Aligned with Strategy,
Safeguarding the Journey
Enterprise culture serves the group's strategy and enhances strategic alignment. During the period of corporate transformation involving the transition and integration of old and new cultures, culture becomes a vital assurance for the successful implementation of strategies. CATHAYA's concept of "togetherness" focuses on the enterprise, the industry, and society, fully reflecting the group's strategic vision, mission, and goals.
Aligned with the Era,
Enhancing Awareness
"Alignment with the era" is one of the three fundamental conditions of the "togetherness culture," along with the favorable geographical and social conditions. The group's success must be in line with the development of the times. Therefore, we need to enhance our self-awareness, discern patterns, insight into trends, determine directions, and integrate with the era.
Aligned with the Industry,
Enhancing Growth
For centuries, silk has been a symbol of a quality lifestyle, representing refined taste and pursuit of fashion. As a leading force in the industry, CATHAYA strives to strengthen product and supply chain traceability, coupled with autonomous innovation to achieve iterative upgrades in technology and models. Working along two lines, we promote the harmonious and healthy development of the industry ecosystem.
Aligned with Partners,
Enhancing Competition
CATHAYA sincerely treats its partners, working with channel customers and market clients hand in hand. We consistently provide high-quality products and services to meet diverse needs. This ensures consumer satisfaction while fostering mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers. We actively engage in communication and learning from friendly competitors, caring for frontline needs and providing service support to communities and stores in various channels.
Aligned with Employees,
Enhancing Execution
CATHAYA unites like-minded individuals to jointly promote the development of the silk industry. Alongside helping employees improve their professional skills, we are committed to cultivating a proactive mindset in each individual, enabling everyone to work in a fair and mutually respectful environment. In terms of team building, every employee at CATHAYA should embody the core values and development strategies of the group. This requires finding the right balance between flexibility and innovation, achieving steady progress while seeking continuous improvement.
Aligned with Self,
Enhancing Integration
In the pursuit of self-discovery and personal growth, it is essential for individuals to have a clear understanding of themselves. Through observing the ever-changing nature of the world in natural environments and daily life, they can gain insights. By sharing knowledge and experiences, they nurture themselves and those around them. The meaning of "Togetherness Culture" varies across different timelines. People from diverse backgrounds, ages, and origins can find suitable mental frameworks that align with their thinking and interact with the logical patterns of the world. Through repeated practice, familiarity, and application of these frameworks, individuals can achieve the integration of knowledge and action, harmonizing their work and way of life.