CATHAYA Group operates its own silk reeling, weaving, and printing and dyeing factories. The high-quality raw silk produced facilitates stable development of fabric designs and continuous innovation in new fabrics, thereby elevating the value-added aspect of manufacturing chain. Simultaneously, we have established uniformly planned textile and garment production bases, connecting with global customers through efficient, flexible, high-quality, and environmentally-friendly products and services.
Textile Manufacturing through "Smart" Solutions

CATHAYA Group has established production departments for spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, and garment manufacturing worldwide, catering to internationally renowned brands over the long term. By integrating advanced equipment, we lead in setting and practicing standards for raw materials and finished products, ensuring the delivery of high-quality goods. Concurrently, we are delving into advanced digital "smart" manufacturing technologies in order to better serve our global customers in the future.

Since its establishment, CATHAYA Group has been committed to building a comprehensive global silk textile industry chain and creating a top-tier silk enterprise brand. Currently, it has developed an integrated industrial supply chain system encompassing mulberry cultivation and silkworm rearing, silk reeling, weaving, printing and dyeing, garment manufacturing, and home textiles. Each stage of the supply chain is supported by dedicated facilities, ensuring the continuous delivery of high-quality supply chain services and consumer experiences to both corporate clients and public consumers.

Silk Reeling - CATHAYA Group has silk reeling bases in Haining, Zhejiang, and Baoshan, Yunnan, equipped with professional technical personnel and advanced technology equipment. These two silk reeling bases have extensive land areas and possess the production capacity of 6A-grade raw silk materials. They can process thousands of metric tons of fresh cocoons each year, producing nearly a thousand metric tons of high-quality raw silk and over ten thousand pieces of premium silk quilts.

Weaving - CATHAYA Group is dedicated to the development and scientific application of high-quality and differentiated silk textile fabrics through the use of digitalized weaving technologies. Our weaving base is equipped with state-of-the-art weaving machinery such as VAMATEX (Italy) rapier looms and DORNIER (Germany) wide-width rapier looms, as well as design sampling equipment like the EAT weaving design development system from Germany and FADIS (Italy) precision winding machines. This allows us to have the capacity to develop and produce over a million meters of high-end silk textile fabrics annually. In recent years, CATHAYA has undertaken and participated in multiple provincial-level scientific and technological projects, leading to the development of dozens of new fabric varieties each year.

Printing and Dyeing - CATHAYA Group utilizes advanced technologies such as digitalization, information technology, and industrial wastewater treatment and recycling to continuously transform and enhance the traditional silk industry. We have undertaken national scientific and technological support programs as well as provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological projects. These include projects like "Industrial Application of New Technologies for Fine Silk Printing and Dyeing," "Technological Development for Silk Printing and Dyeing Wastewater Treatment and Recycling," "Development of Penetration Printing Technology for Heavy Silk Fabrics," and "Key Technologies for High-Quality Silk Production." The printing and dyeing base of CATHAYA Group is equipped with advanced printing and dyeing equipment, with an annual printing capacity reaching tens of millions of meters. For instance, the Spanish Gali continuous flatbed printing machine, with no color limitations, offers more flexible process arrangements compared to conventional flatbed printing machines, and achieves higher precision than digital printing, making it suitable for a wide range of printing needs.

Garment Manufacturing and Home Textiles - CATHAYA Group has established professional garment manufacturing and home textile design, research and development, and processing enterprises in various locations in China such as Zhejiang, Shanghai, Yunnan, Shenzhen, Jiangxi, and Henan, as well as in Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam. These enterprises have created a comprehensive production system that encompasses product design, technology development, production processes, and quality inspection. The garment manufacturing and home textile production bases are equipped with state-of-the-art Italian Santoni computerized jacquard knitting machines, shaping equipment, a complete set of imported dyeing and sewing equipment, and proprietary production software. Advanced cutting technology and automated equipment are employed in the sewing process. With annual production capacity exceeding tens of millions of pieces, the primary products include moisture-wicking performance sportswear, silk garments combining artistry and aesthetics, and cotton-linen home textile products providing both health and comfort. CATHAYA Group is dedicated to delivering high-quality products with lean production with rapid response. It has gained favor from customers worldwide and has become an distingquished supplier for renowned domestic and international brands.


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