CATHAYA Group adheres to the concept of sustainable development and centers its efforts on comprehensive utilization of "mulberry and silk." We conduct research on the application of biological materials such as fibroin , sericin and mulberry extract. This research leads the development of derivative products, the establishment of large-scale production facilities, and the creation of industrial application platforms that span medical devices, beauty&skincare, green textiles, and medical preparations. We aim to create a mulberry and silk related health industry chain.
Expanding the "Core" Approach

The group conducts comprehensive scientific research,development and application based focused on "mulberry and silk" creating a high-end industrial chain for silk protein and mulberry protein that covers everything from cultivation, patented purification to experimental research and market application. As the group expand into sectors like health and beauty, and innovative agriculture, we also prioritize the development of patented innovative technologies based on the fabric dimension, such as sericin coating.

Fibroin - fibroin, regarded as a structurally valuable protein material with significant market potential following collagen and hyaluronic acid, finds extensive applications in the fields of beauty and skincare, green textiles, food and health, medical devices, and pharmaceutical formulations.

CATHAYA Group focuses on research and development innovations concerning the extraction technology and applications of fibroin. Currently, we possess a comprehensive patent portfolio encompassing fibroin extraction and purification, the preparation of various material forms of fibroin, and its compatibility with diverse fields of application. Through years of exploration, CATHAYA has successfully tackled multiple challenges encountered in large-scale production, such as fibroin purification, freeze-drying of high molecular weight fibroin, reconstitution, and storage at ambient temperature. As the first enterprise in the industry capable of providing high-quality, large molecular weight fibroin materials in bulk, our technological capabilities are at a world-leading level.

CATHAYA Group's high-quality raw material products are now being used by domestic and international clients. We have engaged in raw material distribution partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, collaborated with leading skincare brands for new product development, and cooperated with research institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences to develop innovative drugs and medical devices.

Mulberry Protein - Leveraging years of expertise in the sericulture industry, CATHAYA Group has established a leading position nationwide across various aspects, including research systems, large-scale cultivation, mulberry feed processing, and the application of mulberry biological extractions. We have expanded the mulberry industry from traditional sericulture to comprehensive utilization, encompassing mulberry farming for human consumption, animal feed, and land preservation. In 2021, the group carried out practical initiatives in Hubei province, including mulberry tree cultivation, mulberry food processing, promotion of mulberry feed applications, and the extraction of mulberry bioactive substances. We actively collaborate with upstream and downstream partners to promote large-scale cultivation and green circular utilization along the Belt and Road in China, aiming to contribute positively to national food security, public health, supply-side reforms in the animal husbandry industry, and ecological governance. Our goal is to become a driving force and leader in the comprehensive utilization of the mulberry industry.

Medical device textiles - Zhejiang Cathaya Health Care Devices Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CATHAYA Group, was established in 2006 as an integrated company specializing in scientific research, industry, and trade. It is recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. The company operates a research and development center in China and has production bases in China and Vietnam. Its products are widely exported to North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and other areas. Leveraging its extensive experience in cooperation with multiple Fortune 500 companies, adherence to GMP compliance, and expertise in textile technology, the company is committed to providing efficient medical care and infection control solutions. It is involved in three major fields: sports medicine, pressure therapy, and infection control and protection. The company has independent research, innovation, and manufacturing capabilities, holds Class II medical device registration certificates, production licenses, and over ten domestic and international patents. By promoting the concept of a forward-thinking future health lifestyle, the company aims to enhance the quality of life and help consumers embrace a better, revitalized existence.


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